Prior to Inspection

Register your Swimming Pool or Spa with the relevant Local Council.
Council will provide you with a letter confirming the registration. This letter needs to be provided to our office on making a booking as it provides important information required to conduct the inspection.
Once the registration letter has been received, book an Inspection with EnGage Building & Pool Inspections

Compliant Safety Barriers

  • Following inspection and if the safety barrier complies, we will issue you with the Compliance Certificate (Form 23).
  • The Compliance Certificate then needs to be lodged by the landowner with their relevant Local Council.

Non-Compliant Safety Barriers

  • If the Safety Barrier does not meet compliance, we will provide you with the relevant report listing items that need addressing and a re-inspection date will be provided at this time
  • Once re-inspection has taken place and when the Safety Barrier complies the Compliance Certificate will then be provided for lodgement with your Council.

It is mandatory that Compliance inspections are conducted every four years from the date of the first Compliance. EnGage Building & Pool Inspections will contact you in four years’ time to book in your next inspection.

Engage Building & Pool Inspections are thorough when conducting inspection. Our inspector renders service accurately and efficiently, ensuring that no pool and spa can operate without proper compliance with the relevant regulations and standards.

Contact us for all enquiries regarding pool safety and compliance inspections. Your safety is our priority!