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Engage Building & Pool Inspections is a fully licensed and insured Swimming Pool, Spa and Building Inspection Business. We work with you to ensure compliance providing clear, concise and easy to read reports without delay. In the case of non-compliance, Engage Building & Pool Inspections will recommend solutions to bring your Swimming Pool, Spa or Building into Compliance.


At Engage Building & Pool Inspections we conduct Swimming Pool Safety Barrier Consultations and Compliance Inspections.

On 1 December 2019 new laws were introduced by the State Government, these laws are to improve swimming pool and spa safety. The new regulation states that it is now mandatory that an owner register their Swimming Pool or Spa with their local Council and arrange for a Compliance Inspection by a registered Swimming Pool Inspector. The new regulation also states that it is mandatory to have the Pool or Spa re-inspected every four years after the initial Compliance Inspection.


  • Register your Pool or Spa with your Local Council.
  • Council will send you a letter confirming Registration of your Pool or Spa. This letter contains important information that will need to be provided to your Inspector.
  • Once you have received Council’s Confirmation of Registration, contact Engage Building & Pool Inspections to book in your inspection.
  • After the inspection and once your Pool or Spa safety barrier complies, we will issue you with a report (Form 23) of which you need to lodge with your Council.
  • Engage Building & Pool Inspections will contact you in four years’ time to re-inspect your Pool or Spa.

As a licensed Swimming Pool Inspector with extensive experience and knowledge, it is the Inspectors duty to render services accurately and efficiently. They assist clients to ensure their swimming pool & spa safety barriers are compliant with the relevant regulations and Australian Standard, which applied at the time the pool/spa, was constructed or installed. EnGage Building & Pool Inspections are thorough when conducting an Inspection. The safety of your family and friends is paramount. They don’t just inspect; they also educate owners guiding them along the process and assisting in every way possible.

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Our Vision is to keep all children safe, one pool at a time.

Additional Information


For more information on Swimming Pool & Spa Safety Barrier regulations please visit the following:

Victorian Building Authority:


SPASA (Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Victoria):


Here are some useful links to checklists developed by the Victorian Building Authority. These Checklists are easy to follow and can be referred to at any time to assist you in keeping your Swimming Pool & Spa Safety Barrier compliant and safe all year through:

Note: These checklists do not replace the Inspection conducted by a qualified Swimming Pool Inspector.

For Pools and Spas installed before 8 April 1991

For Pools and Spas installed between 8 April 1991 and 30 April 2010

For Pools and Spas installed from 1 May 2010

Meet the Team

Jeanette Gage


Jeanette Gage is the Director & Building Inspector of EnGage Building & Pool Inspections. She is a Registered Building Practitioner and Swimming Pool Inspector, specializing in swimming pool Compliance inspections. Jeanette has been inspecting pools for more than 10 years having conducted over 5000 inspections and growing daily, in her time working for and behalf of the Victorian Building Authority, Local Government as well as Independently through Engage Building & Pools Inspections, within rural and metropolitan Victoria.

Jeanette’s registration as an Unlimited Building Inspector allows her to inspect all types & classes of buildings. Her passion however is ensuring that swimming pool/spa safety barriers are compliant and most of all, safe for our children.

Registration number INU44179

SPASA Australia National Award of Excellence National Finalist
Pool & Spa Barrier Inspector - 2021

SPASA Australia Gold Winner Pool & Spa Barrier Inspector Award
VIC - 2021

AIBS Private Building Inspector of the Year 2011
- Victorian Chapter

AIBS Intern of the Year 2009
- Victorian Chapter

Claire Roberts


Claire Roberts is the Office Manager at EnGage Building & Pool Inspections. She comes with over 20 years experience in administration and leadership for Financial Corporations, Local Government as well as Independent practices within Victoria and overseas.

Claire is passionate about the vision held by Engage Building & Pool Inspections and together with Jeanette they endeavor to make your experience with them a great one.

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